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Senior Solutions Management


Finding the best care and support services for an aging loved one can be an overwhelming process.

Families and care givers may be experiencing information overload or haven’t a clue where to begin. In addition, family members may disagree with the direction that care giving has taken. Where can concerned families turn for help?

Senior Solutions Management  is a client-centered approach to serving older adults facing aging challenges. Working with families, senior solution managers provide the answers at a time of uncertainty. Their expert guidance leads families to the actions and decisions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love, thus reducing worry and stress.

How We Can Help  Our solutions manager will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify current and future needs and provide practical solutions.

  • Screen, arrange and monitor appropriate in-home services and supports on an ongoing basis.

  • Act as a liaison to families, overseeing care and quickly alerting family members regarding problems.

  • Assist with moving a loved one to or from a “best-fit’ retirement community, assisted living or nursing care residence.

  • Provide advocacy, guidance, education, and support for your loved one.
When to Call Us for Help 
  • When your life is busy with work and family and you need support in caring for your aging parent.
  • When you live far from your elderly parents or loved one and are worried about their current and future needs.
  • When you are worried about your loved one’s memory, safety at home and ability to live independently.
  • When you just need the guidance and support of a care giving “coach.”

The Benefits of Using Our Senior Solutions Manager

Personalized and Compassionate Service

A realistic plan of care focused on your loved one’s wishes and needs.

Objective Evaluation

A comprehensive, in-home assessment of your loved one’s healthcare status, memory problems, personal care, safety, housing, legal, financial,  psychological and social needs.

Continuity of Care

Clear communication regarding your loved one coordinated between family members, physicians and other healthcare providers.


Avoidance of inappropriate facility placements, ineffective or duplicate services and needless hospitalization.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that Senior Solutions Management professionals have helped you and your family make the right choices for your elderly loved one.